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Paris, France

Arnaud Rocca, Hugo Maury, Nicolas Loureiro, Yann Kubacki

Designers & Creative Coders @ Too Soon
— Paris, France


Too Soon

Young and very promissing Paris-based creative collective focused on digital experiences & video direction.
They have all graduated, Gobelins, Paris (the best animation school in Europe) and their graduation project got an FWA of the Month for their cunning take on a music video for artist Mai Lan (pumper.thisismailan.com).

More about their winning project here.

Arnaud Rocca

Creative developer that creates amazing interactive experiences, like unison.arnaudrocca.fr (alongside colleague Hugo Maury). He is also a juror for Awwwards.

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Hugo Maury

Incredibly talented interactive designer working also on UX / UI, Art Direction, Branding, Motion Design and Sound Design projects.

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Nicolas Loureiro

Graphic designer that has worked for Werkstatt and Immersive Garden and with clients like Kezno, Adidas and Nespresso.

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Yann Kubacki

Creative developer that has previously worked for Hellohikimori and created projects using the latest cutting-edge technologies available.

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