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Meet the Locals

Event hosted by IQuest

Meet the Locals is an event that aims to promote local talent, offer a place to designers (and not only) in the community to share their ideas and knowledge and to serve as a conversation starter in the local creative community.
This edition, we have some amazing people, of very different backgrounds and skill sets. Meet:


01 March 2019 | 19:00

IQuest, Somesului 14, Cluj-Napoca

For this event we have partnered up with Beard Brothers in their attempt to buy the second ambulance for SMURD. Entrance is free, but we encourage donations for Beard Brothers' initiative.

Free entrance
Reservation required

Codruța Simina

Reporter @ PressOne

Hunting trolls and government propaganda on social networks

About Codruța Simina
She is a journalist for PressOne based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is an Alumni of US Department of State's International Visitors Leadership Program. In her 14 years of work, she has been covering politics, public spending, propaganda&cyber warfare, education and health. Codruța is also the author of two poetry books and thousands of articles, but her following mainly appreciates her short, unimportant posts on Facebook.
For the past years, she has been slowly shifting to features and interviews, treading on the thin red line between kindness and humor that is inside every human being, which she believes links us all together.
Codruța is 36 years old and in 5 years envisions herself fishing somewhere in the mountains, never catching any fish, but enjoying nature's view in silence.

Botond Palko

Sr. UX Designer @ Cognizant Softvision

Designing a Design Team

About Botond Palko
Boti is carefully handcrafting experiences since they were called Web Designers. He is currently Senior UI/UX Designer at Softvision. He likes to taste the flavor of writing on Medium, training folks and speaking at design events. Above all, he is a proud husband and dad.

Andreea Ilisăi

Illustrator @ MEPH

Intuition in Illustration

About Andreea Ilisăi
Draw. Dance. Draw
Meph is the dance between sound and space in a visual form. Playing with drawings to create a world of her own she is inviting you to take a look inside. With a background in painting and graphic arts she is now illustrating posters, local events, album artworks, editorial, animation or logos. Working with fonts is still a mistery so she is usually drawing the text too.

Mirela Ignat

Experience Designer @ IQuest

The design decisions that you know are right

About Mirela Ignat
Experience designer currently creating and delivering user-centered solutions for the medical industry. She would sum up her work’s mission as making technology easier for people to interact with.
Other things you should know about her is that she can lift 80kg and she has a minor sports shoes addiction (under control). Mirela looks very serious in photos but that’s just because she says she can’t smile on request.