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Edge Design Talks #4


The Conference is the main event of Edge Design Talks #4

Edge Design Talks #4 also consists of other design-related events that are addressed to a wider public.

Meet the Locals - 2018

Meet the Locals

Meet the locals is a free entrance public event that is meant to promote local and regional designers and gives them a platform to share their struggles, ideas and successes.


Workshops are specially designed for a more hands on approach. In smaller groups participants will have the chance to learn from top professionals new perspectives, approaches and tips that can boost their creative careers.

Workshop tickets are not yet available and are not included in the conference fee.
Radu Chelariu on a workshop break @ Edge Design Talks #4
People attending Edge Design Talks #3

Movie screening

Movies are a language that all of us understand, though there are not too many movies about design or designers. So, curtesy of our partners, you will have the chance to see one very nice movie that tries to answer one of the questions on each designers mind.

Exhibition/ Installation

We want everybody to enjoy experiences connected to today’s design world. So we are creating exhibitions where everyone can gather and see interesting ideas.

Saddo - Exhibition @ White Cuib